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We are excited to announce that two more stores will be opening soon at Maximus Mall: Kapsons (including Kapkids!) and Adidas. Both of these stores will be on Level 4, at the same level as the existing CCD.

Kapsons, based out of Chandigarh, is now one of north India's fastest growing retail chains of multi-brand stores. With brands like US Polo and Levi's, Kapsons and Kapkids will finally bring the best brands in apparel and lifestyle to Dharamsala.

Adidas, which has already been in Dharamsala for several years now, has also relocated to Maximus Mall. Built with sleek interiors, the Adidas store is going to be a haven for all outdoors and sports and fitness enthusiasts in and around Dharamsala. And given all the hiking you can do, we know that many of you will be shopping for your next pair of running shoes and jackets at Adidas!

Stay tuned!



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